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friends come to visit March 17, 2010

Filed under: friends,kids — courtsbrogno @ 8:10 pm

Amidst all the chaos of today–teaching, giving finals, holding long office hours–my best friend, her husband, and her daughter came into town for a visit. They hail from the foggy city of San Francisco, and we have not seen each other since November! November! That’s too long for friends to go without seeing each other. But as usual, work, children, and community commitments crowded out lives and before we knew it, 4 months had swiftly passed by. This week has been brutal with all the work I must finish, and while I would normally be dually excited and overwhelmed by such a visit, today I am just grateful for their presence.

I came home and they had made dinner.

We finally got the chance to catch up on life and tell stories.

They watched my kids while I took a shower.

My best friend’s daughter, less than a month younger than Luke, played with Luke for such a long time!

I am thankful for this visit!


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