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crafty help March 20, 2010

Filed under: family fun,kindness toward me — courtsbrogno @ 8:59 pm

I am not a crafty person. I cannot sew, paper mache, or even make cute and special thank you cards. Nope, that’s not me. But oh how I wish I was crafty. I wish I was Martha Stewart, and whenever I catch her show, I seethe with jealously. Everything she makes looks so easy: beautiful kids’ projects, homemade soaps, clip art, homemade pillows! Ahhh….it’s all just so beautiful.

It’s a damn shame I can’t invoke this crafty side of myself. It’s not that I can’t cut or paste, it’s that I genuinely am not a creative person…I have a hard time coming up with ideas…

Unfortunately, this lack of creativity spills over into my daughter’s life, who must suffer in all school projects. This year, 5th grade, has been the worst year when it comes to school projects. I swear, every week there is a new project due. It’s exhausting. This weekend we had to work on making a 3-D state map to accompany her state report. The report was finished and turned in, no problem. But the 3-D map has caused us great concern.

I had my ideas, Maddie had hers. We clashed. We went to Micheals to buy materials, and it was a disaster. I bought clay, paint, and a poster board. When we laid the materials on the table, the only thing we could think of was: Now what?

And this is when life got 100 times better. Maddie’s grandparents on her father’s side came to town for the day to visit, and since Maddie’s grandma is practically Martha Stewart, I knew we were saved.

They went back to Michaels. They came back with model magic (who knew the clay I bought would take 2-3 days to dry??? Maybe I should have read the label.), trees, stickers, push pins, construction paper, and so much more. Grandpa made a trip to the copy store and blew up a picture of New York state. Plans were developed, details decoded, and progress actually made. I helped paint, and Grandma Amy left me with strict instructions for how to finish. Maddie is going to have one kick-ass 3-D map.

So today, for all of the above reasons, I am so thankful for Grandma Amy and Grandpa Cliff (who also mowed my lawn and fixed some things around the house!). Besides all of their other amazing traits, they are some seriously crafty people.


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