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chickens and eggs March 22, 2010

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We have two chickens, which Maddie begged for last summer. I finally gave in. We bought three: 2 Rhode Island Reds and 1 Americana. Maddie named them Claire, Ginger, and Snowflake. As baby chicks, they were cute and fluffy and warm…for about two weeks.

Then they started getting un-cute feathers, talons, and generally became extremely unattractive. The Americana, poor Snowflake, was eaten by a cunning possum. The other two survived and Maddie renamed them Coq au Vin and B& B (breakfast burrito). Suffice to say, Maddie is not only scared of them, but also dislikes them to the 10th degree.

Thus, the chickens Maddie wanted are now MY chickens. And to be honest, I kinda like the little girls. They are cute in their own way.

As cute as they are we have a problem.

They’re not laying eggs. Well, to be honest, they did lay 4 eggs two weeks ago, and then they quit! Just quit! As if they were on some egg strike. I went to our local farm supply and asked the chicken expert why they had stopped laying eggs. He said, “They may not be happy.”

“How do you know if they’re happy,” I inquired.

“They lay eggs,” he said.

This, clearly, did not help.

So I went back there to give them some love (pet them…they actually like it, I think). I talked to them.

And I felt like an idiot.

But a few days ago, I discovered a hidden nest, where they had been storing all their eggs!

This morning, I scrambled an egg…it was delicious. (Just so you know, I did throw all these eggs away…most of them were somewhere between 1-2 weeks old. But since then, they have been laying everyday.)

Today, I am thankful for my chickens!

And one more thing. I am thankful that we finally finished Maddie’s 3-D state report project.


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