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sushi March 30, 2010

Filed under: family fun,food,friends — courtsbrogno @ 8:13 pm

Maddie and I used to go out to dinner every week, and we almost always went to our local and favorite sushi restaurant (seriously–Maddie’s favorite food since she was two!). However, after Luke was born, time and money became (almost) a thing of the past.

We rarely go out to dinner anymore.

But tonight, since Luke was at his dad’s house and I let my class out early, I surprised Maddie by taking her out to dinner–sushi! We invited my best friend, Tasha (also currently living on my couch as she finishes writing her Master’s thesis), and we all had a long and enjoyable sushi dinner. We ate well, caught upon each others’ lives, and had a really relaxing and fun time (no Luke throwing utensils across the table!).

Today, I am thankful for sushi and for a nice and relaxing time with my daughter and my friend.


One Response to “sushi”

  1. Jen Says:

    Next time, i want to be there! Sounds like a GREAT night.

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