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wednesday! March 31, 2010

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Wednesday is my new favorite day! With the new quarter starting and a new schedule, I now only teach one class on Wednesdays, from 12-1p.m.

This is amazing! I now have almost all day to play with Luke, help Maddie with her homework, and cook and clean without feeling like I’m under a time crunch.

Today, I did all of the above. Luke and I had the morning to ourselves; I cleaned the entire house (actually not the entire house; I didn’t venture into Maddie’s room); I helped Maddie with some homework (thank God it wasn’t math); and I cooked dinner for some friends.

I made another Martha Stewart dinner–zucchini lasagna; percorino cheese & lemon artichokes; a salad (made by Tasha); and a great loaf of bread. The lasagna was great, but I wasn’t too impressed with the artichokes. Regardless, it was so nice to see my friend Mike, who had a long day at work; my friend, Christine, who’s in town for the week; Christine’s boyfriend, Derek; Tasha; Jason, my neighbor; and of course, my kids.

Our dinner conversation revolved around syphilis & suicide, which is not a normal for us, nor is it normal conversation banter in general, no matter where you are. But trust me, it was interesting. And I don’t want to talk for everyone, but I’m pretty sure we all had a really nice time.

Then we had dessert: Christine and Derek brought over homemade brownies (made by Derek!). Soooooo good:

Christine and Derek stayed later and we all kept the conversation going (we did change subjects) and then watched Modern Family (for which Jason came to join us). If you’re not watching and loving Modern Family, then something is wrong with you. Seriously. We cannot be friends.

As you can see, today, Wednesday, was wonderful. I’m going to bed so satisfied and looking forward to next Wednesday. Today, I am thankful for…well, today: Wednesday.

It is also Cesar Chavez day in California, and I am incredibly thankful for all this Mexican American farm worker, labor leader, and civil right’s activist did. Growing up in California, I see how hard farm workers labor and how little they make. I also grew up in a union family and highly value to importance of unions. Today, I feel honored to celebrate Cesar Chavez:


One Response to “wednesday!”

  1. GEW Says:

    Sounds like such a great day! I’m happy for your Wednesday.

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