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easter April 4, 2010

Filed under: family fun — courtsbrogno @ 9:01 pm

Today I am thankful for Easter. For several reasons:

First and foremost, for Jesus. While I consider myself a more spiritual person and kind of side with Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason, Part 1, I do think Jesus was a pretty kick ass man, who deserves MUCH respect. And if Jesus is a symbol for God, then I am all for that. I have a “yay God” philosophy.

Second, I am thankful for Easter egg hunts. As much as I think it’s a pain in the ass to dye eggs, hide them, and explain how and why an Easter Bunny exists, it is still fun to watch kids hunt for eggs. This year, the Easter Bunny hid the eggs at my sister’s house (where our dog couldn’t eat the eggs like she has the past few years). The Easter Bunny left my nephew Braden a desperate letter explaining how “un-Easter bunny friendly” our house is (chickens, cats, dogs…) and asked Braden to hide the eggs for Luke and Maddie at his house. So when we arrived at my sister’s house this afternoon, Braden was obliged and ready for his job, hiding those eggs with much pride!  And while Luke still doesn’t get the concept of searching for eggs, Cate helped him, and they both enjoyed cracking open eggs for the jelly beans inside:

After the hunt, we had a delicious dinner of all the classics: turkey, ham, potatoes, salad, biscuits, etc.  But what I am truly thankful for is dessert. I am dessert kinda gal: I LOVE it. Today we had pies (my favorite), carrot cake, chocolate, jelly beans! I was in heaven:

But mostly I am thankful for the walk after dessert. My sister lives a block away from the beach, so to walk off all the food we ate, the entire family strolled down to the beach, taking our time. Even though it was cloudy and somewhat cold, and it actually started to rain on the walk back, it was such a nice moment.

If life is made up of captured and appreciated moments, then this is one of the best:


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