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banging family April 7, 2010

Filed under: family fun — courtsbrogno @ 9:25 pm

Since it is Wednesday, and the community college is on spring break, I did not have to teach at all today. Beautiful. A whole day off. To run errands, mostly.

Besides running errands, I had my hair done and since it’s been awhile, my hair was in desperate need of highlights and a cut. While talking to my stylists, whom I love and trust as if she was my shrink, she convinced me to do something different with my hair–that my hair cut had gotten a bit, well, stale (could this be because I’ve practically had the same hair style for 10 years?).

She suggested I cut bangs. I balked at first: wouldn’t this take too much time to actually do every morning? and isn’t my face too round (chubby cheeks) for bangs? She convinced mt to do it. So I trusted her and let her chop, chop, chop. And while I’m still not entirely sold on the new look, I am thankful that I took a risk with my hair:

My aunt from New Jersey, Judy, and my aunt and uncle from L.A. were in town, along with my parents, so we decided to all go out to dinner–the entire family–to celebrate Aunt Judy being in town and because tomorrow is Luke’s birthday and my parents, aunts, and uncle leave tomorrow, we decided to celebrate early.

Of course, Luke is going to be 2, so he doesn’t care where we eat; thus we went to a really nice restaurant downtown where we could eat outside and Luke could throw utensils galore without upsetting too many people. I am thankful we were all able to get together.

We had a great meal, and Luke was good for the entire 2 hour dinner! I am so thankful.

Aunt Judy rarely gets to see Luke and Maddie, so I am thankful that she had the chance to bond with her nieces and nephews.

I am thankful that I have an almost two year old to share my life with. He is a beautiful little man.

And finally, on a sadder note, I found out today that my grandma, my mammy, on my biological father’s side, died. That makes 3 deaths on that side of the family in three months: Ann, John, and now Mammy.

And again, I am thankful for the time I did have with her, however short it was. I got to see her this summer when I visited Ann and John, and though she was beginning to suffer from dementia, she knew who I was. She had a chance to meet her great grandchildren for the first time.

She was a strong Irish woman, who loved her family fiercely and did not have an easy life. She came to the United States with her husband and 4 children (Ann would be born in the U.S.), only to have her husband die, leaving her alone to care for 5 children. I can’t even imagine. She was one kick ass, tough woman. And though this may not be the most appropriate picture, I want to remember her as being this feisty:

Good-bye Mammy. You will be missed. Really missed.


4 Responses to “banging family”

  1. christine Says:

    love LOVE the bangs!!!! :] very cute….

  2. GEW Says:

    Love the bangs AND the photo of your grandmother. Frickin’ hilarious.

    And you have been having a lot of very nice meals lately!

  3. GEW Says:

    Oh, and I meant that the photo of your grandmother is hilarious. Not the bangs.

  4. courtsbrogno Says:

    The photo is pretty funny, and we’ve been eating out too much lately! We’ve been spoiled!

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