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a bbq April 10, 2010

Filed under: family fun,friends — courtsbrogno @ 7:56 pm

My sister kindly opened her house to some of her and her husband, Jon’s, best friends. Wade, Hannah, and thier two sons came to visit; and Jen, Paul, and their two daughters came to visit as well.

She also invited me and my kids as well, which was a really kind gesture: while I know their friends, I am not really good friends with them.

We accepted and made our way over to Jen’s house at around 2:30. It was so nice to watch all the kids play (and play really well together):

Then Jon manned the BBQ, and probably the best part was that I really didn’t have to do anything (except for bringing some cookies and ice cream for dessert) and was just able to sit down and eat dinner!

Finally, we all got to catch up a little while the kids ate and played. It was really nice. And Jen (married to Paul, not my sister) is two months away from having her 3rd daughter (3 girls under 5 years–WOW). So tonight, I celebrate her and her awesome fertility:

Today, I am really thankful for my sister and her thoughtfulness when inviting me to their BBQ. It was so nice not to worry about dinner or activities for my kids. It was also nice to hang out with some really cool friends.


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