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neighborly love April 19, 2010

Filed under: friends,pets — courtsbrogno @ 8:46 pm

My neighbor and I have–seriously–about 4 feet in between our bedroom windows. In between our bedrooms is my chicken run.

My neighbor, when he heard of my summer purchase of 3 little chicks, was not too happy. He grew up on a farm, and despite my explanations that they were just cute little farm animals that would produce fine eggs and a fine learning experience, he was not excited nor convinced. He explained: Chickens make a lot of noise.

He was right. My chickens cluck non-stop and they are especially loud when laying an egg or feeling threatened by said neighbor’s dogs. But, you know what else is loud? My neighbor.

My neighbor, you see, recently out of a 7 year or so marriage, has been, well…sowing his wild oats. And in the summer months, when both our windows are open to let in some cool air, I am the beneficiary of his sensuous love making. I hear everything. I hear it all. I hear things no one should hear. I might as well be in bed with him and his lover.

This was quite uncomfortable this past summer, but then, fall and winter came, our windows closed to keep the warmth inside, and all was quiet again.

Until this Saturday, when the warm weather led both of us to keep our windows open.  At 2:45 a.m. I was awoken to the throws of loving once again. I hid my head under a pillow, turned on a movie, and feel back asleep.

Sunday morning came, and I decided to let him know: to say, in as subtle way as I could think, “I hear you.”

I facebooked him. I wrote on his wall: 2:45 a.m. and I needed a smoke =-)

He sent me a message later that evening (after deleting the post): Ummm….that shit’s embarrassing. Sorry neighbor…at least it was a Saturday night. I owe beers.

To which I replied: Seriosuly, I don’t really care. No worries. Like I’ve said before, any type of loving, is good loving. We could all use more love in this world. But, I have to admit, it’s kinda funny. Especially since, when I first wake up, I’m convinced someone’s being hurt. Good thing the police phone number isn’t on my speed dial =-)

Today he replied back with: So do you know the difference between erotic and kinky? Erotic you use a feather,
Kinky you use the whole damn chicken! Ok, baaaad joke…but so appropriate.

Touche, I believe. The chickens keep him up and wake him up early at times. He sometimes wakes me up. And honestly, besides being a little bit embarrassed, I really don’t mind. Love on, I believe. Have fun. Enjoy what fun you may! No one is getting hurt, and it’s nice to know that we can correspond about this with smiles and no hard feelings.

Today, I am thankful for my witty neighbor and our neighborly love.


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