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maddie’s home! April 25, 2010

Filed under: kids — courtsbrogno @ 8:24 pm

Maddie returned home tonight after being gone since Thursday morning. My sister, her husband, and her kids all went to Legoland and they took Maddie with them.

Because I work so much, I never get a chance to take Maddie anywhere during the school year, so it’s awesome that she got a chance to go with them and have some fun.

But Luke and I missed Maddie so much. The house was so quiet without her. No singing, dancing, or terrible music playing from upstairs.

But today she came home. Luke was thrilled and I was even more happy. She had so much fun and even bought Luke a pair of Elmo socks as a gift. There is terrible music playing from upstairs right now, and I’m not even upset about it (yet).

So tonight I am thankful that Maddie is home, but I’m even more thankful that my sister included her in their family fun!


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