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10 minutes April 29, 2010

Filed under: books and reading,noticing sweetness — courtsbrogno @ 8:54 pm

Today was a busy day. Really busy. In addition to teaching at both schools and doing all the normal prep along with my normal house duties, I had to bake cookies and brownies for Maddie’s play performance tomorrow night (for the snack bar), which meant I also had to go to the store. Thinking about all this and how late I’d be up tonight made me feel like an explosive ball of stress.

But I had a small 10 minute reprieve today. It was heaven.

The babysitter arrived 15 minutes early, so as I left the house, I decided to run to the coffee shop to get a coffee before class. I really needed the energy and knew I could squeeze this in. But once I got to the coffee shop, I changed my mind and ordered a soy latte. Then 3 other customers came in. I started to stress out as I realized the barista was taking everyone’s order and that my latte wouldn’t be made and finished for a while.

I couldn’t change my order to just a simple and quick coffee to go, so I just sat down and started reading the paper.

10 minutes later and my coffee was made, I was out the door, and still made it to class on time, though I was breathless from running (with feet hurting, I might add, as I decided to wear heels today! Why? I have no idea, but it was a bad decision–my feet are still killing me).

Seriously, though, those 10 minutes were divine. I sat and read and became totally involved in the news stories, and completely forgot all about what I had to do today. It was like my mind just blanked and I dissolved into the paper. I don’t think I’ve ever appreciated 10 minutes like that before in my life.

10 minutes and I recharged. 10 minutes and I forgot about the chaos of my day. 10 minutes and I experienced silence and complete self-involvement for the first time in a long time. 10 minutes to be thankful for.


2 Responses to “10 minutes”

  1. GEW Says:

    You must have at least 28 hours in your day. When I read your daily recaps, it always seems as if you’ve gotten so much done! Way more than me. Not sure how you do it. You must be very efficient.

    • courtsbrogno Says:

      GEW: I wish I had 28 hours in a day–my life would be so much easier! And sadly, I’m not every efficient. Plus, if I followed you around for a day, I wouldn’t know how you do it either. We women….we’re awesome in so many ways, but just like you, in life, I’ll settle for “good enough.”

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