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dancing and singing her way to stardom! April 30, 2010

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Well, maybe the title to this post is a bit exaggerated, but tonight, Maddie danced and sang all across a stage, and she was so good!

Let’s back this story up. In January, I decided that Maddie wasn’t going to take a dance class like she usually does because I couldn’t find one that fit my schedule or her babysitter’s schedule. Every year, since Maddie was 5, she has done soccer in the fall and dance in the spring. Before she started soccer, she danced year round. So I felt really guilty that I couldn’t work this out. Maddie did, however, handle the situation really well and didn’t complain at all.

This is why, a few months ago, when I heard her school was putting on a musical, I begged Maddie to do it. At first she didn’t want to at all, but after all my pestering, she decided to give it a try.

She went to the first meeting and came home enthused and happy to be part of the show–Give our Regards to Broadway, a compilation of Broadway songs. But then Maddie hit me with a shocker: being in the play cost $250.

This was not good news; Maddie goes to private school, and I had just paid registration fees for next year, so funds were a little low. But I caved. I had pushed her to do this, so I dipped into my savings (I HATE doing this!) and paid the fee.

Once a week for 6 weeks, and every day this week, Maddie has gone to practice. I had heard from other parents that the show was a mess, that the little kids didn’t learn their lines, and that they–in general–didn’t allot themselves enough time.

To be honest, I was kind of pissed. Since I paid $250, I really expected to see something pretty good.

And then tonight, I did!

Of course, it wasn’t perfect and the little kids did look confused most of the time (which, to be honest, was quite charming), but overall, the show was a success.

Even more of a success, though, was Maddie. She really had stage presence! Though she didn’t have a solo, she  lit up the stage with her dancing and singing. I was so proud. Mostly, I was proud of her confidence–she really knew her stuff and it showed! And when I asked her afterward if she had been nervous, she emphatically answered, “NO!”

So, she’s not like me at all, then.  And this, I believe, is a good thing! Now she wants to do more plays and musicals, and I think that’s great.

So tonight, I’m thankful I reached into my savings account to pay for this performance. I’m thankful that I got a chance to see Maddie SHINE!

I am also thankful that Luke, who came with me, was quiet and focused the whole time. He barely made a peep! For being just 2, he did a good job. Everyone around us complimented me on his great behavior. Even during the last 10 minutes, when he really got antsy, all he did was lie on the ground in front of me, getting a different perspective of the show:

Finally, I’m thankful that my sister, her son, and my friends, Mike, Tasha, Christine, and Derek all took time out of their busy Friday nights to come out as well and watch the performance. We had a fantastic night.


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