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satie & debt free May 3, 2010

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Today, I paid all my monthly bills and I paid off the last bit of credit card debt I have. Other than my car payment and my school loans, I have no debt.

I’ve lived on cash only for the past 4 years, and it’s taken me that long to pay off past credit card debt.

I feel amazing!!!! I am so incredibly thankful.

And yet, I know some credit card debt is good for my credit score, but I just don’t care. Graduate school put me in a huge (for me) hole, and I’m so happy to not have that feeling of making monthly payments looming over me.

Plus, the benefits are tremendous:

1. I’ve lived within my means, and can, hopefully continue to do so.

2. Now I have extra money each month to either store away in savings or to pay more of my car off.

Also, as I was driving to work today, after I had dropped my son off at my sister’s house, I was coming in from the beach to the beautiful hills of where I live, and this gorgeous song came onto the radio. It was classical and I’ve never heard it before, but it was like a perfect moment coming together as I drove into the green, rolling hills. Later, I went to the radio station’s website and found out it was the piano piece, “Gymnopedie” by Erik Satie, but it was being performed by a music instructor at the community college I teach at, and his version I like better. So, I’m thankful that I heard this song, enjoyed the moment, and that it was a local man whom I can consider a colleague.


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