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big sur cooking May 5, 2010

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Last summer, I was walking though a local store, and I came across a beautiful cookbook, The Big Sur Bakery Cookbook. I scanned the pages and fell instantly in love.

I couldn’t come up with enough reasons to buy the cookbook and spend money on something I didn’t need, so for Christmas, I put this cookbook on the top of my list and my sister bought it for me! I was so, so, so happy!!

And while I’ve read much of the text and while I’ve continued to fantasize about living in Big Sur, I have yet to actually make a meal from it. The recipes are complicated, but look delicious.

So today, my normal low stress working day, I ditched Martha Stewart and picked a recipe from the Big Sur Bakery Cookbook: Homemade fish and chips.

I hit the natural foods store we have and picked up some herbs, and russet potatoes, and 4 cod fillets.

First I made the tartar sauce, and while I didn’t make the homemade mayonnaise like they insisted nor did I make my own pickles, it still came out incredibly good.

Then I had to bake the potatoes, let them cool, cut them into wedges, and fry them in canola oil. When they were finished frying, I sprinkled kosher salt, pepper, and parsley on them. They tasted amazing.

Lastly, I made the fish. I sprinkled them with salt and pepper, dusted them in flour, dipped them in egg, and then rubbed them in an awesome panko breadcrumbs, herb, and parmesan cheese. Finally, I fried them in just a bit of oil and butter. It took only 4-5 minutes to cook.

Everything tasted delicious!

The best part: the kids loved them!

So I am thankful for my sister gifting me this amazing cookbook, I’m thankful that I had a free day to make this, and I am thankful that my kids liked the dinner!


2 Responses to “big sur cooking”

  1. GEW Says:

    How do you DO it? And get all of your grading done at the same time?

    BTW, you should also check out “Big Sky Cooking.” It’s by Tom Brokaw and his wife–recipes from their Montana ranch, and it’s beautiful and awesome.

    And congrats for finishing off the debt payments. Sometime maybe we can talk about that process. It’s one I need to accomplish.

  2. christine Says:

    hmmm so im def expecting to devour great meals like this one when im in slo this summer!!! :] ….ill bake/make dessert??

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