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midterms & movies May 6, 2010

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Thursdays seem much busier than they actually are. I mean, I teach from 11-12, so I’m home until 10:45, and then I don’t go back to 2:45 and I usually finish teaching by 6:30 at the latest. Not bad, right? But for some reason, by the time I get home, I’m exhausted and miss my kids like crazy.

Not only that, but lately I’ve been coming home to an ever enlarging pile of essays and homework assignments.

So today, I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at my syllabus and noted that 2 of my classes were taking midterms and the other class was watching a movie. Of course I knew this yesterday and even a week ago; I mean, I did rewrite the midterm and search my house for the video, but I guess I didn’t really realize that I had scheduled all three for today.

“Yes,” I thought, “3 hours of grading instead of lecturing!” I know this may seem like a crazy thing to be thankful for, especially because all those midterms are just going into my looming pile, but I really am. I got so much done in those three uninterrupted hours that my pile tonight–midterms added–now seems so much more manageable.

While I certainly didn’t purposefully plan this when I put my syllabi together over Spring break, I am really happy it worked out. I am damn thankful for midterms and movies today!


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