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one peace at a time May 8, 2010

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This evening, I watched the documentary One Peace at at Time. It was fabulous.

I do generally love documentaries, but I have to admit, I was drawn to this one because the cover boasted: “Featuring the music of Willie Nelson, The Band, Bob Dylan, Ben Harper, Jack Johnson, Explosions in the Sky, Bob Schneider, and Cat Stevens.”

Shallow, huh?

Yes, I suppose so, BUT I’m glad that I was drawn to this film. It covers a vast amount of topics, but in general it looks at world problems–poverty, hunger, water, orphanages, healthcare, education, volunteerism, and the environment–and how these problems can be fixed.

I learned much: The U.S. spends 50 cents on the dollar on military expenses; 1 in 7 people in the world live in extreme poverty; educating women is the key to solving so many problems; and so much more.

Tonight I am thankful for this film. I am inspired. I want to adopt 10 orphans from across the world; I want to go plant a tree in Ethiopia; buy chocolate from a small, local farm in Ecuador; send money to build a school in the Sudan; find a wheelchair to donate and send to Costa Rica; join forces is Oslo and help protest cluster bombs; start a small bank and give micro-loans to women in Nairobi, Kenya.

Unfortunately, I can’t do that. Well, I can’t do that now. But I know, one day in the future, I will expand my mind and go do something.

But for now, I can: buy local, drive less, teach my kids about the world and how good they have it (forced Maddie to watch this movie with me; that’s a step); dry my clothes on a line outside; plant more of my own veggies; share more of my chicken’s eggs; donate more money; volunteer more; feed the hungry.

Holy NPR (this is my favorite term of exclamation from one of my conservative friends whenever he thinks I’m starting to sway too much toward the left)! There is a lot I can do.

I love films that make me rethink my life and make me grateful for how much I have, especially when I can feel like I have so little (this tends to happen when the Pottery Barn catalog comes [which, by the way, comes even though I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from Pottery Barn]).

So, in the spirit of educating, here’s a link to a fabulous, short video about how good we have it: Miniature Earth


One Response to “one peace at a time”

  1. GEW Says:

    Holy NPR! (love that), I’ll have to see this film!

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