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“kind of” grandparents May 12, 2010

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From about the time Maddie was 3 until she was 7, I dated a man whose family lived in town. His parents, Mark and Carolyn, were wonderful, and though they have 2 sons and 2 grandchildren, they don’t have any GIRL grandchildren. And Carolyn, especially, longs for a granddaughter one day. But until that day comes, both Mark and Carolyn made Maddie their unofficial granddaughter.

The entire time I dated this man, Maddie spent much time with Carolyn, and Carolyn got to do the things with Maddie she always longed for: shopping, watching girl movies, baking, and chatting.

When my relationship ended with this man about 5 years ago, I figured that my relationship with Mark and Carolyn would as well.

The good news is it didn’t.

The better news is that both Mark and Carolyn go out of their way to see Maddie and spend time with her.

They usually like to see Maddie once a month minimum, but lately life has been so busy that it’s been a few months since we saw them last.

But tonight, Carolyn picked up Maddie and off they went to have dinner (with Mark, of course) and craft (probably not with Mark). Maddie will return home around 9 p.m. and I guarantee she will have had a great time, as she always does.

Today I am thankful for Mark and Carolyn and their continued love toward my family even though it’s been years since their son and I were together. I am thankful that they still want to be part of Maddie’s life as well as my own (and Luke now too). They are such wonderful “kind of” grandparents.

And while I do hope that their son, my ex boyfriend, has a giant big family of his own, I’m also kind of hoping he has all boys, so Maddie can continue to bask in the love of Carolyn.

Well, actually, that seems mean. I do hope Carolyn gets her own blood granddaughter some day because I know that would make her so happy. Plus, I do know that no matter what, she will love and cherish Maddie as if she was her own, regardless.


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