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late nights no more May 13, 2010

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Tonight, I taught my last 5:30-7:30 p.m. class. For 18 LONG weeks, I have taught at the community college a remedial writing course each Tuesday & Thursday nights. I started having gone to class at 5:30 when it was already dark out and have ended class by driving home in the past few weeks with the sun still out. It’s like the seasons have passed by me all while I was stuck in a dingy classroom teaching.

Finishing teaching at 7:30 may not seem like a very late time, but TRUST ME, it is. I also teach sporadically throughout the day, so finishing at 7:30 seems like my day has lasted forever. It means I miss dinner with the kids and just the general winding down in the evenings I love so much. Plus, when I get home, it’s a race for bath time, bedtime reading, and then actually going to bed. Which always proves difficult since my kids want to actually see me (Luke, in general) and catch me up on their day (Maddie, in general). Thus by the time all this is done, it’s usually close to 9 p.m., and I am done, done, done, barely having the energy to climb into bed myself.

But tonight the semester ended, and even though I still have a final to give on Tuesday, that final is scheduled to end at 6:30–a whole hour earlier than usual!

The best part is that I will not be teaching this late anytime in the near future. I already have my Fall schedule, and the latest I teach is 5:30. So while I may teach late in January again, until then there will be no more late nights.

I am thankful for that!


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