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steve May 15, 2010

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Just when I had been on the verge of despair, a man walks into my life.

Well, not that kind of man. Rather, my good friend, Steve.

Steve and I have known each other for about 14 years, and he has always been such a great friend. He’s a good listener, a good BBQ’er, and an even better handy man. As a matter of fact, he lived with me one summer, about 5 years ago, while he was building his house. Yup, that’s right, he built his own house.

And so today, though I haven’t seen Steve in a few months, we made plans to see our friend James’s senior piano recital.

And as soon as he walked into my house, he was looking around for things to fix. He found quite a few things that need work around my house, and while he didn’t have time to fix anything since we had to get going, he will come back to hammer and adjust. He always does. It’s one thing I can always count on.

He even humored Maddie when she asked him if he could please install a bathroom in her room, in the attic more specifically, so she wouldn’t have to share with Luke and I anymore. While this is NOT going to happen, he did talk to her about it and even went upstairs with her to check out the attic. (A bathroom in the attic? What is she thinking? I told her to put a bucket in the corner of her room and consider it her bathroom. She didn’t like my suggestion.)

And then we were off to the recital. In my proud mama thinking, I thought it would be wise to bring Luke. Maddie, I knew would be fine, and I thought–especially since Luke had been so good at Maddie’s recital–that he would be well-behaved as well.

I was so, so, so, so wrong.

I don’t know what I was thinking. this was a serious recital. James is a pianist and the room was very somber and very QUIET. You know who wasn’t quiet? Luke. Not at all. He wanted to play and so I gave him my wallet. He found a card and threw it at someone’s head. He liked hearing everyone clap after the first piece, so he wanted to clap all the time. He never really talks that much at home, but he felt the need to do so at the most quiet moments possible. I brought snacks just in case he got hungry…he ate them all and made a huge mess (Maddie swears the man sitting by the door gave her dirty looks throughout the concert because he was going to have to clean this mess up).

It was a disaster. So only about 15 minutes into the performance, I had to rush out with Luke, humiliated. No, seriously, I wanted to die. Everyone was giving me dirty looks, and I know they were thinking: What is that woman doing bringing a baby here?

Honestly, that’s what I was thinking too.

So as I rushed out of the room, I left Maddie with Steve. During the intermission, Steve came out and suggested I not come back in…he was right.

So as I wandered around the university with Luke, playing in the grass and looking for bugs, I felt safe and happy knowing Maddie was with Steve.

The best part was that he didn’t even make me feel bad for bringing Luke. He constantly reassured me that there were other kids there, Luke wasn’t too loud, and that no one would even remember.

I’m thankful I had the opportunity to hang out with Steve today, but more importantly, I’m thankful that I have him as a friend. He has such a good soul and a huge heart. He fixes my broken handles, patches up holes in my walls, and gives the best advice.

With Steve in my life, I know I am never alone in my life, in this world.

**Note: While Steve may look angelic and he is to me, don’t be fooled. This is one feisty man. Ladies…watch out!


3 Responses to “steve”

  1. katy Says:

    Who needs facebook? Steve looks great and it’s nice to know there are still good dependable men!

  2. Jen Says:

    Super cute story. Love Steve. He is a good friend!

  3. christine Says:

    dear courtney
    will you get a drink with?! i miss slo. im so tired here.

    i love you!!!

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