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hiking and catching up May 16, 2010

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Ever since our last hike last Sunday, I’ve been craving more. I love to hike with the kids, but since school started, I’ve found little time to do so. But since I’ve been so stressed out, I realized that I MUST find time to get outside more often.

So today, I packed up the kids, the dog, and headed back to the trail we did last week, but this time my friend Mike joined us.

It was a great hike. Totally what I needed.

The creek was beautiful and I really stopped to look at the gorgeous colors of the algae mixing with the water.

And Luke fell asleep on my back, which warms my heart oh so much:

And it was so nice to have my friend Mike join us.

And then Mike treated us all to lunch. Which was wonderful. We ate almost everything!

The hike was so refreshing, and I’m thankful for that. The lunch was great because I got to catch up with Mike, seriously one of the nicest men I know.

I was so energized and feeling good that I dedicated the rest of my day to grading, and I finished everything I had hoped to accomplish!

I’m so thankful that I accomplished so much grading. This photo doesn’t even show the work that I finished and put in my car earlier today.And while I still have 50 essays sitting in my office, that stack seems so much more manageable now.

It’s amazing what a good weekend will do for my spirits!


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