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Thai food May 17, 2010

Filed under: Uncategorized — courtsbrogno @ 6:34 pm

Almost nothing is better on a rainy day than Thai food. And today, since it was rainy, I splurged and got Thai food for dinner.

While I know that some people believe Chinese is the greatest type of Asian food, I beg to differ. Chinese, even in New York (or perhaps even in China, though I cannot attest to that, since I’ve never been), is not nearly as good as Thai food. Chinese is too oily, too fried, too murky. Thai, on the other hand, is clean and crisp with flavors bursting all over your mouth. And they have amazing vegetarian options. And while I am not a vegetarian, I love vegetarian food, though so many places get it wrong, wrong, wrong.

Not Thai. Thai, like a good boyfriend, is perfect for a rainy day. It soothes and comforts; it nourishes and replenishes.

Today, I am thankful for Thai food.


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