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exhausted but home May 23, 2010

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Right now, at 10 p.m., I am thankful to be home! I spent all day today driving around Marin County, San Francisco, and then home.

But there’s so much more to be thankful for today:

1. Hotel blackout curtains–we all slept in. It is amazing how complete darkness will make it feel like midnight eternally. When I woke up, I was so confused. I thought it was maybe 2 a.m. It was 8a.m.!!!! I don’t think we have all slept that late since Luke was born.

2. Visiting with my old college roommate, Cory. Cory and I lived together for about 5 years (sometimes the two of us and sometimes  with other roommates–once we lived with 7 other people!) during college. He was one of the first people to see Maddie after she was born and lived with us when Maddie was a baby and toddler. And seriously, I love Cory. Like, I’m still sad he graduated college and moved away and that was years and years ago.

But now he’s an architect, married, and has a 7 month old son. Unfortunately, his wife and son went out of town, so we missed visiting with the entire family. But we at least got to see Cory! He must have missed his son because he sat next to Luke and read him a book.

Luke was thrilled there were toys for him to play with (entertaining a toddler in a hotel room is torture). I was thrilled Cory and I had the chance to catch up. Even if we go a year without seeing each other, we always just pick up right where we left off. And even though our lives have changed so much, we are still the exact same as we were in college. Well, I think we go to bed a bit earlier….but that’s about it. I’m thankful that our friendship is so easy….I love that!

3. Visiting with my cousin, her son, and even her mom after not having seen my cousin in at least 8 years. We left Cory’s house and headed to Sausalito to visit my cousin. It was a beautiful day. Who wouldn’t want to live in this town? I love the view of San Francisco across the bay.

But my cousin’s house. Oh My God! Gorgeous!!! Her house is up a narrow, windy road on the hill, and her house overlooks the bay.

That’s the view from her deck! What I would give to wake up to that every morning! And the kids had a great time playing on the deck, with Cate terrorizing Luke as usual. It’s a good thing he loves her so much.

But the best part of Sausalito was not the view nor the weather, it was hanging out and catching up with my cousin. Honestly, while we saw each other about 7 or 8 years ago, we haven’t really hung out since were kids–little kids. And now that we all have kids and, sadly, the older generation is dying, it is really going to be up to us in the future to hold the family together. So finally getting together was so wonderful.

And my cousin, Nicole, and her son, Beckett (LOVE that name), are both gorgeous!

And then we all took a cousin photo. Probably the first since we were 7, 6, and 5.

It was also nice to see my aunt, Titi Debbie. While I’ve seen her much more often through the years, it was still nice to catch up. And I swear, she looks great. My grandma always said that Peurto Rican genes are the best–Peurto Ricans age well. Unfortunately, I seemed to have taken all the Irish genes, so pretty much I can bet on my age showing. My sister and cousins, however, will probably look perpetually 30. My Titi Debbie is living proof. This sucks for me.

I know I can’t wait to go back and visit. We need more time that just a long lunch to catch up. Thank God summer is just around the corner.

So we said good-bye to San Francisco and head to my mom’s house for dinner and a bath.

4. My mom giving the kids a bath before we got on the road! Enough said. It was a nice 15 minute break.

5 A scenic drive home that I only experienced because my best friend caravaned down from SF with us and is staying the night at my house! Yay! O.K. so my best friend Michelle texted me during the day and asked if she could stay at my house and caravan down with me (she was heading down to L.A. the next day). Ummm…..OF COURSE! She met us at my mom’s house and then we were in the cars on our way home–a 3.5 hour drive.

I followed Michelle and she took me the most unique and beautiful route I’ve ever taken. I can’t even remember what we did. It was like the 280-85-94-101. I know that’s wrong but we took like 4 different freeways, which Michelle swears it save 15 minutes. In honesty, I don’t even care if it added time 15 minutes. It was gorgeous. I even took a picture from my car because the drive was so pretty I just had to share it:

Plus, it’s awesome that my best friend is going to be here tonight and tomorrow morning, which means our kids get to play together and we get to catch up. Even more to be thankful for is the good news she shared with me tonight–she’s pregnant again! Yay…another baby for me to hold and love (and not have to get up with in the middle of the night!).

All in all, this weekend was fantastic. The wedding was beautiful, the hotel was nice, the kids were well-behaved, and visiting with my cousin was lovely. And I’ve decided that I would live in any of these towns:

Mill Valley, San Rafael, Larkspur, Corte Madera, Sausalito, Woodside, Burlingame, San Mateo, Hillsborough.

I guess I better work on making my millions because that’s how much it would cost to live in any of these towns!

Yes…take me to Northern California any day. While my home is definitely in a town I love, I do think my heart is in the San Francisco area.


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  1. Nicole Eppolito Spence Says:

    Ah – I love this blog and I LOVED seeing you guys. I’m already thinking about your next visit – let’s get it planned!


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