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cookies May 26, 2010

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This evening, Maddie needed something to do. With school coming to a close, there is little  homework, and she’s bored. She’s dancing, singing, talking non-stop, jumping, slamming doors, the list could continue for pages. Seriously, this girl could talk to a door. No seriously, she’s staring at herself in the oven door reflection talking to herself right now.

She’s making me batty. I have so much grading to get done in the next few days, and with all her energy surrounding me, I can’t concentrate. I’ve suggested reading a book, playing outside (she did do that for about an hour though), meditating, crocheting, pretending to be a mime in her room, anything to keep her occupied and out of my hair. It’s not working. It’s like I’m a magnet and she’s drawn to me..I cannot get in 10 minutes of work without her interrupting me.

Finally, I actually looked her in the eyes today and said, “Maddie. PLEASE. SHUT. UP.”

Now I usually don’t tell me kid to shut up, but I couldn’t take it anymore. But when that didn’t work, I told her to go make some cookies.

Which she did. For about 45 minutes  she measured, stirred, heated, baked, and stayed in the kitchen. While she was still noisy, banging things around, she was successfully out of my space and I actually finished some work.

And now we have cookies:

To be honest, they’re not that good. I’m not sure what she did wrong (she swears she didn’t deviate from the recipe at all), but something is seriously amiss.

Oh well. The good news is that she’ll have cookies in her lunch tomorrow, cookies that she’ll be damn proud of because she made them. The better news is that I had 45 minutes of Maddie free chatter.

Tonight I’m thankful for cookies.


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