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rainbows May 27, 2010

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The weather was odd today–humid, chilly at times, clouds overhead, and a report of possible rain showers later in the day. This weather prediction mirrored my mood today.

I felt warm and then cool, not quite timing wearing my jacket correctly. Somewhere about mid-day, I realized that I incorrectly assumed my grades for the community college were due tomorrow at 4p.m., when in actuality they are due tomorrow at 1p.m. This meant I had to rearrange my grading schedule to accommodate for those lost hours, making me feel rushed and a bit stressed. It was like a rain cloud was right over my head.

When I got home from school, Luke was cranky and clingy, and that’s when it started to rain outside. As we ate dinner and the kids took a bath, I sat down to grade a stack of 10 page research papers. Kill me now, I thought (dramatic, I know).

But then the essays were surprisingly easy to read, well, most that is. And then Maddie looked out the window and screamed, “Mom! A Rainbow!”

So I grabbed Luke and we rushed to the window where we saw a FULL rainbow! It was still raining, but the sun peaked out in a few places, and a beautiful rainbow shined across the sky. I know it’s hard to see in this picture, but trust me, it was vibrant.

I was thankful and I felt my mood lift as we watched the rain and rainbow for about a half an hour. Luke loves watching the rain, and I love watching him in wonder to where the rain comes from.

And I finished all I had to tonight. I only have about an hour and a half left of work to finish tomorrow and then grades will be in! Rainbows, indeed.


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