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moving on up May 28, 2010

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Today was Maddie’s last day of school. I wish I felt remorse for the school year having gone by so quickly, but mostly, I’m just thankful it’s over. This has been a year filled with project after project after project. I’m exhausted and I haven’t even been the one in school. Maddie, however, did fantastic. She ended this trimester with all A’s and A-‘s and 2 B+’s. This is amazing not just because she’s brilliant (in my eyes), but because the school grades on a different scale than most. An A, for example, is a 97%-100%, an A- is a 94%-96%, and a B+ is a 90%-93%. So technically, she did receive all A’s!

But today, the last day, her school always does something magical.

They have a moving on up ceremony.

Basically, every class lines up on their designated areas on the playground. Then the song, “This Little Light of Mine,” plays in the background (and all the parents and kids sing along):

While we sing, one by one each group of kids moves to the next grade’s designated line, from first grade to eighth grade (Maddie’s school goes from 1st-8th grade and each grade only has one class). So, the 5th graders moved up to the 6th grade line, and they all high-five their new teacher.

What makes this extra special is that the first graders, who have come from the preschool through kindergarten campus across town, hide in a classroom, until the principal asks everyone to welcome the newest members of the campus. Then out comes the littlest, shyest kids from around the corner to assume their position on the playground. And while most of the kids are dressed in free-dress, the new first graders usually wear their uniforms because they are excited to have the opportunity to be wearing one (this wears off quickly in my experience).

It’s hard to believe that Maddie was once that little first grader coming onto the big campus. Time really does go by too quickly.

Today, my sister and Cate joined us to celebrate Maddie moving on up.

You can see how excited Luke and Cate were to get into school:

Watching them so excited to go to school made me realize how very quickly they too will be in school.

And then Luke and Cate used the water fountain for the first time:

They were really amazed at the concept of water coming out of a spout when they pushed the button. I tried not to throw up and freak out when Luke practically french kissed the spout:

After all, I grew up during a time when we all drank from water fountains–you know, the time before plastic water bottles and the super expensive Swiss made aluminum reusable bottles that Maddie and all her friends have now. And I never got ill from a water fountain.

And then the grand finale, Maddie and her class moved up to the 6th grade line and met their new teacher:

I swear, ever year my sister and I get so emotional and cry. We just cannot believe how big Maddie is getting!

SLOW DOWN TIME, I want to scream.

But despite all of this–the emotions, the excitement, the amazing ceremony–summer is here for Maddie and almost for me. It’ll be our time to slow down and watch our plants, the grass, and each other grow.

I’m thankful for that.

And I’m also thankful that this little light of mine (Maddie), I’m gonna let her shine!


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