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strawberry kisses May 30, 2010

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Today was a blissful day filled with friends, family, and strawberries.

We started the morning off early going for another Sunday hike. Again, beautiful:

But it was hot. Really hot. Like 85 degrees hot. At 8:30 in the morning.

This may not seem hot to someone in say, Texas, but considering the weather here has been a consistent 60-68 degrees, it was a shock to my system. And Luke barely walked any of the 3 miles himself, so I carried him on my back most of the way. And I was sweaty, really sweaty. And Maddie was complaining. And about 15 minutes in, I actually thought about turning around. But I persevered and made up keep going. I was a borderline drill sargent. We were slow, sweaty, and my back was sore, but it was worth it. We felt so accomplished. It was a great way to start our morning.

We then came home, changed, and headed a few towns south for the annual Strawberry Festival. We met my sister and her family and my best friend and her family, and we all headed out to walk around.

The streets were packed:

The kiddie rides were plentiful:

Maddie and Luke reached great heights in the bounce house:

And had fun people watching:

Then we all walked back to my parents’ house and crossed the old, rickety bridge that the kids love so much:

And then BBQ’d steaks for lunch and had the most fun swimming in a cheap plastic pool:

I love that Luke’s wearing Cate’s pink swimming diaper. I love that he’s yet to care about gender expectations!

It was so great to see my best friend Denise and her family. She only lives about 30 minutes north of me and–get this–she works as a budget analyst at the university I teach at and we still NEVER see each other. Her and her husband have 5 kids so their lives are hectic–to say the least! It was nice to see her, hug her, and hear all that’s going on in her life.

And strawberries! Despite the whole festival dedicated to strawberries, we didn’t eat even one. Amazing. This has never happened before in our history of going to the Strawberry Festival.

But it was just too hot. So instead of eating strawberry funnel cake or strawberry shortcake, we had strawberry flavored snow cones, which were soooooooo refreshing. I didn’t even take a picture of me and the kids eating them because I was too busy enjoying mine.

And then Luke kissed me and left strawberry flavored drool all over my face. Love, really, I wasn’t even bothered or grossed out because I was having such a great day.

But the day wasn’t over, as my sister watched my kids for about an hour and a half, so I could run over to have dinner with my friend Jenny and some other friends. It was Jenny’s 35th birthday, and since she’s 6 months pregnant, has twin 2 year olds at home, and still works, she deserved an awesome day. Which she had. While I only joined her and the girls for dinner, they had started at noon, having lunch, wine tasting, hot tubbing, getting massages, and generally just having a wonderful time.

Dinner was wonderful, of course, but seeing Jenny so happy and relaxed and seeing other good friends that I NEVER get to see was a fantastic way to end my night.

As I drove home with the kids, I thought how lucky I am to have had such a wonderful day, such a wonderful life. I feel blessed, content, thankful, and loving those strawberry kisses.


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