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momorial day cows May 31, 2010

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First off, I am thankful for all the men and women who have served our country throughout the centuries to guarantee America’s safety. Though I do not agree with many of the wars we have been a part of, I always support the troops, those who do things I would never–in a million years–even consider doing to protect and serve citizens they don’t even know. They are so honorable.

Second, I am thankful that I had a day off. This weekend has just been luxurious, and having an entire day to spend with my kids, working in the yard, playing, and cooking has been incredible. It’s just making me wish summer was here tomorrow! I am so impatient.

Thirdly, I am super thankful that my sister finally came out and hiked with me and the kids.

For the past 2 years, I have invited my sister and her family to come hike with me and my kids EVERY time we go.

They always decline.

Jon, my sister’s husband, even told me last night that he “hates nature.”


Who hates nature? Who doesn’t like a hike?

So, it was to my complete surprise that my sister told me this morning that she was joining us and bringing her son, Braden, and her girlfriend, Kathey, and Kathey’s daughter, Riley.

It was much cooler today than yesterday, which made the entire start of the hike so much better. Luke, however, exhausted from all the activities yesterday, instantly wanted me to carry him, much to the dismay of my shoulders:

And what made the hike even better–and I was especially glad this happened when Braden & Riley were there–was that cows were on the trail:

They were so close I didn’t even have to use the zoom function on my camera to take these pictures:

The kids didn’t complain at all about walking (and neither did their parents):

And the kids even stopped to examine the creek (Braden did bring his bug catcher after all):

And Luke got more and more sleepy on my back:

And everyone finished happy and fulfilled (though Braden did get carried the last few hundred feet):

Braden even said that he’d like to do it again. I’m hoping that every Sunday, my sister will call and say, “Hey, when are you guys leaving? We CAN’T WAIT to join you!”

I’m hoping, but not holding my breath. But for now, I’m just extremely thankful that we all go a chance to hike, explore, and enjoy nature (take that Jon!) together.


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