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enjoying the small things. June 1, 2010

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I am so thankful for this blog.

This woman, Kelly Hampton, and her blog, Enjoying the Small Things, is what I live for these days.

And I’m not even a blog person.

Sure, I read a few blogs here and there. I enjoy most of them but I don’t read them everyday. But when I heard about this blog a few months ago, and I started by reading her birth story, I was incredibly moved and so impressed and now I read it all the time.

While her blog started a few years before with the birth of her first daughter, it wasn’t until she wrote about her second daughter that her blog took off.

She’s hit the masses and has been on CNN, Rosie O’Donnell’s talk show, and other news worthy places all because of the way she has embraced the birth of her daughter, Nella, born with Downs Syndrome.

Maybe it’s because my uncle had Downs and I have a special place for it in my heart (in my family, we consider children and adults with Downs angels sent to teach us a lesson), maybe it’s because her writing is really good and sentimental (though, I wouldn’t say overly sentimental), maybe it’s because she’s a photographer and her pictures are always stunning, but I think it’s mostly because she seems pretty damn honest about being a parent, and a parent with a daughter who has disability (I hate that word and I like the way her doctor refers to her daughter’s extra chromosome as being a little something extra special).

Though she’s honest, she’s also a really, really, really good parent. You know how sometimes you see someone in the store or in the coffee shop and you just think “I want to be that person’s friend?” Well, that’s what I think about her. I want to be her friend, go to her parties, do her crafts, and learn how to be a better mother from her.

Too bad she lives in Florida and I in California.

I guess that’s why everyday I check her blog to see if she’s written anything new.

Today she did. I am thankful for that.

Can’t wait to read what she writes next.


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