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playing June 3, 2010

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My sister watched my kids today while I worked, so when i got home at 5, she left to go watch the Laker game with her husband, and I watched her kids.

To be honest, I was exhausted and unsure what to do with all the kids for a couple of hours.

I decided we would just play.

We went up to Maddie’s room and since the little ones are usually not allowed up there, they were especially excited.

Braden and Maddie played an Indiana Jones game on  Wii:

But Luke, Cate, and I had some real fun.

Cate and I put pillows under our shirts and pretended to be pregnant:

Then I chased Luke and Cate under the train table:

And then we had a very deep, philosophical conversation about why Ken’s skin is so orange (too much time at the tanning salon me thinks):

Finally, I jumped in with Maddie and Braden to play Wii fit, and I discovered that my Wii fit age is 51 years old!!!! What????

To remedy my Wii age, Wii recommended that I gain almost 25 pounds and work on my balance. I think Wii Fit’s recommendations are crap! I also think in general Wii Fit is odd. But doing Wii yoga was fun (especially because I kicked Maddie’s butt!).

We left Maddie’s room a mess, but we sure did have fun:

By the time I thought about eating dinner, it was 7 o’clock. 2 hours had flown by without us being bored, whiny, sad, or getting into any fights!


I’m so glad that I put down all my work, put on some comfy clothes, and just played with the kids. I really had a good time and they did as well.

I am thankful for play time this evening.


One Response to “playing”

  1. GEW Says:

    I think that sounds great and even impressive. I am SO bad at playing.

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