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poppy June 6, 2010

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Today is my dad’s birthday, affectionately called Poppy by his grandkids (I know, 2 birthdays right after each other!).

My dad, what can I say about my dad? I love him so much. He is the greatest man I know. He is a wonderful grandfather.

he is the greatest man I know because he married my mom when he was only 26, though he started dating her when he was 24. He’s 6 years younger than her, and he dated and married her despite the fact that she was flat-out broke, divorced, and had 3 kids. I never thought it was a big deal for him to take us on until I turned 24 and took a look at the men I knew.

Not one of them would have done what he did–married someone with 3 kids. And still, at 34 years old, I don’t know one man who would have done what he did.

And he raised us well. He raised us as his own kids. No, he wasn’t a perfect father. He yelled a lot, complained that we girls used too much shampoo, and was really, really strict. But we were not perfect kids either. We challenged him, made his life a nightmare at times, and constantly pushed his boundaries.

He still always loved us. And he bailed us out. A LOT!

If I ever need anything–money, help moving, help babysitting for the kids, storage in his garage, and million other things–he gives it to me, no problem.

And as he’s gotten older, he’s just gotten better.

He’s mellowed out so much, rarely yells, and is the biggest teddy bear I know.

As a grandfather he is the best. In fact, both my sister and I gave our sons his name–Michael–as their middle names. he constantly surprises me how much he does with my children: how patient he is, how much he plays with them, how willing he is to get up in the morning with them.

He also has an amazing work ethic. He works harder than anyone I know just so we can have what we need and so that my mom doesn’t have to work and can enjoy all the things she enjoys. He works until his body hurts and his mind must be empty. But he keeps doing it, all for us.

For all these reasons, and a million more, I am thankful for my dad. Because of him I’m a stronger woman and a better person. Because of him, the world is also better, of that I’m sure.


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