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fur-less June 7, 2010

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Our beautiful dog, Baily, is wonderful. She’s part Chow and part German Shepard, which makes her fiercely loyal and fierce with other dogs. She’d lay down her life for us, and she won’t play with other dogs. This makes me happy that she sleeps inside every night, on the look out for anything that may go wrong in our house, but it also means that she can never be off her leash and there are no fun days at the dog park.

It also means, being part Chow and Golden Retriever, that she sheds. A lot. Like more than a lot. She actually molts, which means instead of some hair falling out when the weather gets warm, huge chunks of fur fall out. And they fall out all over my house. I honestly sweep three times a day when summer comes.

Take a look:

If you look closely at the tail end of Baily, you shall see all the fur that is presently coming off.  As much as I love her, it’s gross.

But we shall deal with this no longer!

Once a year, I pay for a dog grooming service. The best part? It’s a mobile grooming service, so they come right to my house. The guy who comes is wonderful and he’s always so great with Baily. It’s a bit expensive, but it’s definitely worth every penny.

And this afternoon, Baily got groomed.

Look how pretty she looks (and a bit naked, too):

So today I am thankful that Baily is fur-less. No more sweeping three times a day for me, no more lint brush rolling my clothes, and no more avoiding hugging Baily for fear of fur clumps all over.


One Response to “fur-less”

  1. christine Says:

    i LOVE naked BAILY!!!! :]

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