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remembering last night June 9, 2010

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Remember the first time you kissed someone you really liked, and you thought about it the entire next day, and probably for many more days? Well, today is one of those days for me. But wait, I didn’t even kiss anyone.

So I don’t consider it cheating that I’m thankful for last night because what I’m really thankful for is how good last night is making me feel TODAY!

Yesterday started out as an average day–I held office hours, graded, played, made lunch…all the usual activities. But at 3p.m., Maddie left to go spend the night with her grandparents. And at 4p.m. Luke went to spend the night at his father’s house. And at 4:30, I found myself dropping work off at Cal Poly, realizing that for the night there was absolutely NOTHING for me to grade (oh…that all changed today).

What was I to do?

Have fun, that’s what.

So at 4:35, I found myself at a local beer house with all my beautiful and wonderful fellow university lecturers. Some wise lectures had arranged a “tox” party (as in detox), and it was so nice to sit down, have a beer, and chat with colleagues that I SO admire and rarely have the time to see. We talked about kids, grandkids, the upcoming Laker game, beers, summer plans, and much more. What we really didn’t talk about was work! Hallelujah! Can you believe that a bunch of instructors got together and didn’t really talk about students or essays? I’m still a little incredulous.

But then, at 6p.m, I had to rush off to meet my friend Chris, a Speech Communications professor who has an office next to mine, at a local coffee shop. Chris and I see each other all the time, but it’s always in passing, so when he mentioned actually seeing each other for more than 5 minutes, I jumped at the chance. We sipped lattes, chatted pedagogy, bemused ourselves with student stories, shared our recent personal life advances (for the record, my personal advances still equal about zero), and all around had a great time. I love Chris because he’s so easy to talk to and we can have awesome, deep conversations about the role of traditional male patriarchal roles in the T.V. show Entourage. And he isn’t a stuffy, snobby academic. He’s super down to earth and funny!

But 7:45 rolled around and I had to drive, rather quickly, to vote in our state and local election. I made it and voted, and wearing that little “I voted” sticker on my shirt makes me so proud to be an American.

And then I had to rush from there to meet my friend Tim for appetizers and drinks.

To be honest, as I drove the few blocks to the restaurant, I thought briefly about cancelling. My bed was calling, a book was waiting, and I was a bit tired. However, since I rarely have the chance to go out, and usually even when I do have the chance, I settle in with a book anyway, I decided to continue my night of fun.

And my friend Tim. What can I say about Tim? For one, he’s a foodie, which I love, but this also means that whenever we meet up it’s always some high-priced, high quality restaurant. I don’t think we’ve ever gone out and had dinner at a place where the average meal was under $15. But I love that! It’s like for a night, I’m in a totally different income bracket. But expensive restaurants  means expensive tastes, which I think I have, though not as much as Tim, who, almost every time, always makes me try things I’ve never had before or have been afraid to sample in the past. Last time we met, it was oysters. This time, it was pate. And even though I consider myself a foodie, I’m a safe kind of foodie person. So Tim makes me step out of my comfort zone. That’s good for me (though I’m still not sold on oysters).

The other reason I enjoy going out with Tim, besides having great taste in food and wine, is because he is the exact opposite of me.

Where I’m an open book and talk–often too much–about my life, he’s thoughtful and introspective. Where I’m self-conscious and nervous, he has a wonderful quiet fortitude. Where I’m usually unsure about, well, everything, he’s pretty damn confident. And while all those qualities could be super annoying and could possibly lead to a very pretentious person, Tim is not that at all.

Which is why it is so nice to see him every once and awhile. Good wine, good food, good conversation, and a good person to share this with–what a great way to end my evening.

I even made it home before 11, fell in bed, and still read for about 1/2 hour.

So tonight, as I’m about to go to bed with Luke and a good book, I can’t help but think how fortunate I am to have had all these wonderful parts of my life come together for one busy, but amazing night.

I spent my whole day feeling so good, remembering how great my life is, remembering all good things exemplified in one evening.


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