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parties, parties, parties June 10, 2010

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I just returned from a party to celebrate the publication of the university’s College of Liberal Arts literary journal. Since I am the copy editor, I was invited. It was held at the managing editor’s house, catered, and was a fun event. It was so nice to meet most of the writers whose work I edited, but what made it even better was that the editor had kids and their backyard was child friendly.

My God am I thankful for that. I’ve been to 4 different parties in the past week, only one without my kids, and they have all been child-friendly, but not really child-ready. I’ve followed Luke around intercepting his usual destruction, fearful of being kicked out because of his unruly ways. And Maddie? She’s big enough to know better, but loves to just stand listening to adult conversation; I just know she’s storing all this information away as some kind of ransom to be used at a later date.

But tonight, both Maddie and Luke entertained themselves in a play house,  on a slide, and in a sand box. And I got to walk around chatting with friends, colleagues, and interesting people. Without worrying that Luke was breaking something. Without worrying that Maddie was listening in on my Dean’s conversation. In general, without worrying.

This is such a wonderful way to spend an evening. The kids were happy, I was happy, and everyone else seemed pleased as well.

And thankfully, the end-of-the-year party season seems to be over.

But one last thing I have to do this week before I get to work on all the essays waiting to be graded.

Tonight, I’m going to a lingerie fashion show. My good friend and colleague, Glen, writes for our weekly county paper, and asked me to help him review this show. I’m super excited for another night out, and since it’s actually considered “work,” I don’t feel guilty at all. Plus, I get to hang out for a while with Glen, my uber-hip, sarcastic, manly, epitome of a bachelor  friend. Good times are sure to ensue.

So thanks to Glen for inviting me!

Because I love being an adult and having adult time:

And because the sitting practically right on the runway was super cool:

And because Glen and I just all around had a really good time:


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