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futball June 12, 2010

Filed under: family fun — courtsbrogno @ 7:46 pm

Even though I’m not a big soccer fan, I do appreciate the sport, and Maddie plays AYSO every fall, so I guess I consider myself a soccer mom.

More so, I appreciate sports played on the world level: The Olympics. The World Cup. Any gathering of people from all over the world to compete is something I’m game to watch. And applaud. And enjoy.

Which is why I’m thankful today for futball.

It all started last night when we watched the FIFA 2010 World Cup Kick Off Concert. I was in tears within the first 5 minutes as I watched the first performer sing the official World Cup anthem. In case you missed it:

I loved this song…the message, the melody, the people in the crowds waving their nation’s flag with pride. Then the clips of Nelson Mandela had me in more tears. I studied African history in college, specifically getting my bachelor’s degree in South African history. I believe that South Africa is an amazing country for so many reasons, but mainly because of the changes Nelson Mandela made. The Truth and Reconciliation Trials? Who would do that? Only a man with true peace in his heart and a passion for real change. Bravo for South Africa being on the world’s stage.

Anyway, The World Cup (or and Olympics) always make my heart surge with pride for America, and I’m just such a sucker for all the announcers’ knowledge and stories of the athletes. It’s all pathos driven for sure, but it works! Particularly on me.

So today Maddie, Luke, and I watched the US vs England game, and though I love America, I gotta admit, we were rooting for England:

I got this shirt for Braden 4 years ago when I was in England during the last World Cup. I should rephrase that: I was in England visiting my good friend Kelly while the World Cup was happening. And after seeing how seriously the British take their futball, how can I even root against them. British soccer fans are a sight to behold. I’ve honestly never seen such national pride, enthusiasm, drunkenness, or craziness in my life.

It was awesome.

But I was pleasantly surprised that the game ended in a draw, though I’m sure England’s fans are going to brutally hate their goal keeper (I mean, that was pretty pathetic. That’s a Maddie-level mistake).

We got sandwiches and picnicked in front of the T.V. We had fun, we watched the game, we shouted, we cringed.

It was a great afternoon.


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