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corinne June 16, 2010

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As I sit in the parking lot of Vons, at 10:20 p.m., I am very UNTHANKFUL that my dear friend, Sofia, doesn’t have internet access at her house (crazy, I know).

So to make it short for now, I am thankful for Sofia’s daughter Corinne, who graduated high school today.

More will come later when I’m not looking at pervs in the Vons parking lot.


Yay. I’m online. It’s amazing how naked I felt without an internet connection. But first, let me begin by explaining why I was sitting in a Vons parking lot, typing. It’s only because there was a Starbucks next door, but it was closed. And I guess Starbucks shuts off their free internet connection when they close. But guess who also has free internet connection? Vons! But there were some seriously creepy people in the parking lot (including me, I’m sure, to the looks of many people), and I didn’t want to sit and type for an hour. But I also didn’t want to ignore posting for a day–that would have seemed like a failure. I mean, I can let a day go without being thankful for something if , well….say….I’m camping and can’t get any internet service. Then I’d just physically write my blog on paper and transcribe it when I returned to civilization. But if I’m only a few miles away from a Starbucks, then there is really no excuse. I know, I’m anal like that.

Anyway, the kids and I made it to Oceanside on Wednesday morning to see my best friend Sofia’s daughter graduate. Sweet Corinne. Corinne who is still 9 years old in my mind. Corinne who is off to college–college!–in a few months!

I first met Corinne when she was only 9 years old, and I honestly cannot believe she is old enough to vote, but cigarettes, and get married. But the great thing is, she wouldn’t do any of those things (well, she’d probably vote) because she is such a GOOD girl. And cool. This is so unusual.

Corinne doesn’t smoke, do drugs, have sex, and drinks minimally AND TELLS HER MOM ABOUT IT!!!!

I wouldn’t believe all this had I not seen it all during the few days I’ve been with her and over the 9 years I’ve known her.

But it’s true. Of course, I’m looking at teenage years through my own teenage filter. And I don’t particularly think I was a bad teenager, but I definitely hope that Maddie is NOTHING like me, and everything like CORINNE.

Case in point: Corinne and her friends were hanging out and talking with all of us: me, Sofia, the kids. And Corinne’s 17-year-old friend gushed about how she had made out with a boy–just kissing, mind you–for the first time the night before. She is 17! At 17, I was….well, more experienced. But not as happy as this girl.

Because Corinne and her friends are self-confident, self-assured, self-aware, intelligent, caring, honest, and thoughtful. I mean, I’m kind of blown away by all this. They don’t need a boy’s approval…how did these girls avoid such a teenage trap?

They probably won’t need therapy in their 30s!


Regardless, I am super thankful for Corinne. It was great to see her graduate high school and it’s been even better to watch her grow up to become such a wonderful young woman.

Is it terrible that I wish I was more like an 18-year-old??? Hmmm……


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