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visiting sofia June 17, 2010

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Aham I’m actually using a blackberry for the first time because I’m still at my friend sofias house who does not have an internet connection. Goof for life. Bad for blogging. Anyway thankful for sofia and our day together. Much more to come once my computer can go online.

Also…lakers just won. Yay. Thankful for that too.


So even though I update with Sofia’s Blackberry, I have to admit (as I’m sure you can see) that I’m totally not adept to the new phone technology. I don’t understand the appeal of a Blackberry and now after using one, I’m still a little bit confused as to why they are so popular. It literally took me almost 45 minutes to log onto my blog site and write what little I did.

But back to my blog from yesterday: I am so very thankful for my day with Sofia (Corinne’s mom—see last blog).

Sofia and I met when I was waiting tables while putting myself through college and graduate school. Sofia was an amazing server, and even better she was a single mom. She instantly befriended me, invited me over to her house for dinner, cooked an amazing dinner for me and Maddie, and then—just like that—we were best friends.

‘Sofia is the greatest friend anyone could want. I mean that. 100% sincerity. You should become her friend. Search her out. Find her. It’s totally worth it.

She will sew anything you need—even if you don’t think you need anything sewed: she will find it for you.

She will make you homemade cookies anytime you want. She always has the ingredients ready.

She will fold your laundry if it’s sitting out (as mine often is). Perfectly. Like in a past life she owned a dry cleaners.

She will always listen to your problems.

She will help you in any way she can, no matter the time. I once called her at 4 in the morning because I had a cracked wisdom tooth and was in so much pain I needed something. She answered the phone, chipper, and brought over to my house some strong Advil. I also once called her when Maddie was in the hospital with a concussion. Sofia asked me if I wanted her to come to the hospital. I said no, that I was fine. She came anyway. I was so thankful.

Unfortunately, Sofia moved away a few years ago, and we don’t see each other nearly as much as we should; in fact, coming down for Corinne’s graduation was the first time we’ve seen Sofia in over a year. We cannot go that long.

But we did have Thursday to play in Oceanside. And play we did. We had such a great time.

We played at the beach:

Maddie and Sofia’s daughter Isabella splashed in the waves:

Luke played in the sand:

We went to the house that Kelly McGillis lived in when she played Charlie in the movie Top Gun. Since Top Gun is one of my all time favorite movies (I still cry when Goose dies), I had to see it. It’s all boarded up, but I didn’t care; I was still excited.

Then we went to Mission San Luis Rey.

And walked through the graveyard:

Look how old this grave is:

And looked at the beautiful lavender fields:

We had such a GREAT day together. I am thankful for that!


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