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mini vacation during my vacation June 18, 2010

Filed under: kindness toward me,travel — courtsbrogno @ 9:09 pm

Leaving Oceanside was sad today—I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to Sofia nor was I ready to tackle the 5-405-110 freeways.

But we did. And we made it to my aunt’s house. And today, I’m thankful for my Aunt Linda.

Who is awesome. For many reasons.

Today, she had my car washed (it’s so clean right now, I don’t even want to drive it), she watched the kids so I could go to Target, the kids played in her pool (it’s an endless pool—the kid that has a motor in it so you can swim against a current) and she watched them so I could lay in the sun and do some reading, she then made dinner, and right now she’s playing with Luke so I can type this.

Not only that, but she’s always been like a mother-figure to me. She always visits, takes care of us always, and is generally super awesome. It’s so nice to be hanging out at her house–it’s a gorgeous house in the hills of Los Angeles with a beautiful view; it’s like a mini-vacation for me.


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