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good-bye L.A. June 19, 2010

Filed under: travel — courtsbrogno @ 3:53 pm

The differences between Southern California and my home are vast, but as I leave this evening to head back home, I am already missing some great SoCal aspects. Here are some of my favs:

  1. Much of my family lives here and it’s great to visit. I have many friends that live here as well that I miss and love and wish I could see more often.
  2. KCRW (89.9). This is a close tie with #1, which makes me a little callous, but oh well. Seriously KCRW is the BEST radio station anywhere. Even places I’ve never been to. Nothing can be better than this. Mornings Become Eclectic? What came before this show? I was a little nervous when Nic Harcourt left at the end of 2008, but the new host, Jason Bentley, is great. And while I can, and often do, listen to this station via my computer, it just feels really awesome to turn on the radio and tune in.
  3. Again, the warm ocean water and the soft sand. I could lie on the beach all day and actually go in the water without fear of hypothermia. I cannot believe Maddie actually goes in the water by our house. It is so cold. I guess it’s all she’s known, but being a SoCal baby, I just cannot get used to it.
  4. Warm evenings. Evenings where you can sit outside to eat dinner, dessert, and even stay out and drink wine. Evenings where you can wear a summer dress all night long. Evenings where dragonflies flutter around and kids can still swim in pools.
  5. Lots of people my age. Single people. Single men. Gorgeous single men who actually talked to me and seemed nice, more specifically.
  6. The amount of concerts and events always going on. Reading the paper this morning, in just the area my family lives in, this weekend I could have gone to 3 different concerts, 4 plays, and 2 outdoor performances. And these aren’t just events I could go to; these are events I would seriously LOVE to attend.

And so, as I pack up the car ready for the journey home, I am thankful today for Southern California. I love a lot about this area, and it’s nice to visit. I will, however, not miss the traffic, the 8 lane highways (going ONE way), drivers who love to honk as soon as the light turns green (hold on; I’ve got a stick), too many people living beyond their means, smog, too many corporate owned stores (rather than small, independent businesses), oh and so, so, so, so much more….

Here I come small town…glad to be coming home.


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