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friends June 23, 2010

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First off, I’ve got to shout that I AM THANKFUL FOR MY FRIEND MATT!!!

Matt was one the first people I met when I moved to this town 15 years ago. Like maybe he was the 4th person I met. We actually worked together at an after school daycare. I used to sit in awe at how great he was with all the kids and how much patience he had. Right away, I knew I wanted to know him forever.

We’ve been friends ever since, and though he no longer lives in town, he does come through about once or twice a year, and we always make it a point to see each other.

So last night we met up for dinner:

What makes Matt so admirable and the reason I feel the need to shout my thanks for him is because of what he does. He’s a special needs teacher for the medically fragile. There are kids in his class that can have 30 seizures a day. Kids who are emotionally disturbed and have spent time in juvenile hall because they stabbed someone. Kids with severe autism. And yet, with all these kids, he creates a family–a fully functional family at that. He told me last night that he hangs a sign at the entrance of his room that states: These are the most _________kids in the world. Every week he fills the blank with another adjective: special, intelligent, sweet, artistic, etc.

I mean, come on. That’s pretty damn awesome.

He also creates a family through his music. Matt’s a musician and his music of choice right now is children’s music. He was actually in town recording his second album, but you can go to his website here to listen to some of his songs (they’re amazing, by the way). And he’s spent the summer touring California playing concerts to kids in children’s hospitals.

If there is a heaven (and I believe there is), then there is a spot already for Matt with angels waiting for him (though not for him to go to for a long while). Matt makes me a better person when I’m with him and even when he’s gone.

Secondly, I’m thankful for the company I had tonight and the dinner we shared. I invited my friend Mike and Nicole over to have dinner as a sort of good-bye dinner for Tasha who is leaving Sunday morning to continue her life in the Bay area (I’m still partly in denial about this. Who the heck will I talk to now?).

So, roses from my beautiful rose bush were put on the table:

And dinner was served (I made an eggplant parmesan that was really good, and I actually fused 2 recipes together and kind of created my own, which made me feel oh so good!):

And Nicole brought over champagne, but sadly, I don’t have champagne glasses (seriously, what kind of an adult am I?), so we put our champagne in these funky Halloween champagne glasses (O.K. so I guess I do have champagne glasses, but not real grown up ones). You can totally be appalled.

And then we had delicious homemade chocolate mousse that Tasha made and cupcakes that Mike brought and lounged around on the couch, talking and laughing.

I couldn’t ask for a better 24 hours.  To spend time with all these great people–Matt, Mike, Nicole, and Tasha–and my kids?

Though I didn’t win the lotto tonight (and I really felt lucky, so it was a big let down), I am so blessed. Blessed. Blessed. Blessed. I don’t want anymore money than I already have if I can be guaranteed friends like this for life.

Well, maybe just a bit more money. So I could buy some proper champagne flutes.


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  1. Courtney you are so kind. Enjoyed your company for the past 15 years, last night…and look forward to many more years. I am blessed and THANKFUL for you. You are a wonderful friend and mamma. Many reasons to feel blessed and thankful…thank you for reminding us.

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