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courage June 25, 2010

Filed under: self-discovery,self-growth — courtsbrogno @ 10:02 pm

I was invited to a BBQ tonight in honor of Tasha leaving town tomorrow and as a housewarming for Brady, also the party thrower. Of course, I don’t really know Brady that well, but I said yes because Tasha would be there, and though I hate (hate, hate, hate) the fact that she’s moving (only because I’ll miss her so much; it is a good move for her), I knew I should go to the party to celebrate her. I was a little hesitant to RSVP, however, because I’d only really know Tasha, and I’m not very good around people I don’t know (as in, I get a bit shy).

Then the horror (the horror, the horror…oh, Conrad, I will never utter this phrase without thinking of you): Tasha got a job interview and wouldn’t be coming until much later.

Shit, I thought. If I flaked then I would be, well, a flake and no one likes a flake. But if I went, then I would know no one and it would be super awkward and I would be uncomfortable.

But I have an aunt who once told me that whenever I have a decision where one option may be out of my comfort zone, then I should pick the more difficult option in order to challenge myself and get over fears.

Good advice. I went.

I had nervous butterflies as I approached the door, but within minutes, I felt at ease. Yes, I didn’t know anyone (though one person looked familiar), but everyone was so incredibly nice and thoughtful. Maddie was with me and she wound up being the only kids there (even though it was a kid-friendly party), and everyone was so nice to her as well. We sat on the balcony, which overlooked the ocean, we got to know new people, we ate great food, and all around had a great time. By the time Tasha finally got there, we all seemed like long time friends.

I don’t know why I was so worried or why I always worry about events where I don’t know anyone, but it’s really kind of dumb since most people are kind and gregarious. I’m thankful that I had the courage to go against my initial fears and attend the party. We had fun. I wish I had photos to prove all my fun, but it would have probably come off as really strange if I’d just started taking pictures…

I did, however, take some photos of one of the most beautiful moons I’ve seen in a while and the gorgeous, dark sea. I’m pretty thankful for those as well.


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