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a little bit of this, a little bit of that June 26, 2010

Filed under: family fun — courtsbrogno @ 8:33 pm

Today was a beautiful summer day with little to do but hang with the kids and be thankful.

Thankful for Maddie hiking with me this morning.

Even though she walked so slowly that she was constantly behind me:

But she finally made it:

Thankful for having lunch with friends. After the hike, we went to a friend’s house and watched the game, and even though USA lost, we had a great time hollering at the TV, eating sandwiches, and celebrating in the US’s one goal. We’re all excited to now root for England, who plays tomorrow morning.

Thankful for Luke not having to get stitches. Luke fell and busted the inside of his upper lip open, and I have never seen so much blood pour out from someone’s mouth before. But Luke handles it like a champ and barely cried. In fact, he always falls and hurts himself, and so I’m thankful I have a pretty tough kid.

Thankful for hanging out with Tasha for our last night together before she moves tomorrow morning. We’re watching movies–romantic comedies cause that’s our thing. There’s no one I’d rather watch a romantic comedy with than Tasha and Maddie. We love them.

Most importantly, just thankful for a simplistic summer day.


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