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Ahhhhh June 27, 2010

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This post is dedicated to my best friend, Ahhhhh. Or actually, Tasha, who goes by Ahhhhhh to Luke.

Tasha finally left today for bigger and better things in the Bay Area.

(Tasha packing her car)

(Maddie & Luke watching Tasha pack her car)

I am so sad.

Tasha’s lived with me twice now. Once for three months right before I got married. And this time for six months while she wrote and finished her MS thesis. The first time Tasha was my rock. She seriously sat on the couch with me for hours each day while I mourned my life, awaiting my nuptials (we watched A LOT of movies while we sat on the couch). This time, in a much less dramatic fashion, she just hung out with me, helped me with my kids, and can I even say it…became a pretty kick ass husband (without the sex obviously).

Because of Tasha, I now know exactly what I want in a man.

Someone fun:

(Tasha at Burning Man)

Someone who is funny:

Someone who likes to bake:

(Tasha’s kick-ass chocolate souffle)

Someone who loves nature:

(Tasha on a hike)

Someone who’s smart:

(A photo Tasha took while at a conference. Who else but a total geek would take this kind of picture?)

Someone who’s good with kids:

(Tasha with some kid; I think she was in Thailand)

Someone who never judges, never condescends. Someone who works on her flaws, dares to dream big, always looks for an adventure. Someone who is wise:

Today is a sad day, but it’s also a day that makes me realize how lucky I’ve been to live with Tasha. She’s lived on my couch for 6 months, awoken every morning to Luke playing and screaming, taken Maddie on some adventures, watched both my kids with extreme diligence, and made me some awesome dinners and desserts. She’s listened to me, loved me, and helped me when I’ve fallen so many times. I am so thankful for our friendship.

I doubt I’ll ever find a man as awesome as Tasha. However, when I do meet someone, he’ll have to be vetted by Tasha, and he’ll have to really like her (but not that much, cause there’s one more thing she does: attract men like I’ve almost never seen before [the only one who can beat her is my friend Kelly. Tasha would agree.]).

Maybe it’s her confidence:

Oh Ahhhhhh…we’re going to miss you soooooo much.


One Response to “Ahhhhh”

  1. tasha Says:

    Oh I already miss you guys so much!!!! and btw the little girl was from costa rica.

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