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the fritz family June 28, 2010

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I hung out today with the family that I’ve been trying to get into for 16 years. It’s my best friend Denise’s family, whom I met when I was 18. And just immediately feel in love with all of them–her mom, her dad, her brothers, and her sisters. I even love all their husbands, wives, and kids now.

(Denise’s mom, Annette, in the middle; Jessica, the youngest, on the left; Denise in the middle; and Mark, her brother, on the right)

Denise lives about 30 minutes north of me as does her brother, Mark and his wife, my good friend Nicole, and since her mom and sister were in town, I didn’t even wait for an invitation to come and see them; I just invited myself and my kids up for the day.

There’s just something about this family that I have always loved. First, they’re just so COOL. And honest, funny, and caring. Denise’s mom, Annette, is the best grandma ever. Every time one of her kids has a baby, she rushes to them and stays to help for as long as they’ll have them. She then constantly makes trips to see her grandkids and helps in any way possible. Denise and Jessica had to actually force taking their babies from her this afternoon.

Her sister, Jessica, I remember as just a young teenager, but now she’s married with the cutest son ever (he smiled at me so much today). Denise is just my rock. The most sane person I know, one of the hardest working moms ever, and still super funny yet totally grounded. And Mark, her brother, is one of the kindest and modest men I’ve ever known. He held his nephew (Jessica’s baby) in total awe:

I honestly LOVE hanging out with them all. The women of this family are so strong, such matriarchs (the men are pretty great as well). We were missing 3 other brother and sisters (Yeah, Annette and her husband, Ray, had 6 kids) as well as their father, Ray, and multiple nieces and nephews, but I’m thankful I got to see some of the Fritz clan and look forward to inviting myself up the next time the whole family is in town.

Oh, how I wish they’d adopt me. I can’t marry in to the family, but I so long to be a part of them. Maybe a few more times of me scheming my way into their functions and they’ll take my pleas more seriously. Until then, my I’ll just have to keep pretending….


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