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a little bit of this, a little bit of that part II July 3, 2010

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The title of this post may be reoccurring with only the part changing. It’s become the nature of our Saturdays–no real structure and very few goals other than to just go and be; it’s our lull in the week that’s just open for what may come. I’m thankful for the freedom of Saturdays.

Just a few weeks ago, my Saturdays were highly regimented and very productive. This was the day where most of my piled up work got graded and the day when most of my planning occurred. Now, without any work to do, Saturdays are still productive but in a highly un-regimented way.

This is pure bliss. Life is so relaxed and serene. Life is so unstructured right now. I really don’t want summer to end. In the meantime, however, I’m thankful, again, for a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Thankful for another morning hike, but this time we took my Aunt Debbie and her dog Lucy with us:

Thankful for Luke falling asleep on my back. It’s just so sweet to have a sleeping toddler strapped to your back:

Thankful that when I rolled my ankle on a loose rock and fell down I didn’t fall on Luke or launch him out of my pack. Only my knee suffered a bit:

**Note: I will never ever make Maddie (or Luke) put rubbing alcohol on their wounds. That shit seriously burns.

Thankful for my parents BBQ’ing for all of the family.

Thankful for Luke and Cate having so much fun together all afternoon, especially as they got dirty and then trekked though the garden:

Cate taking Luke DOWN as they wrestle on the grass:

Thankful that Maddie and Braden played ball so nicely today:

Finally, thankful for the whole family eating and playing together:


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