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4th of july July 4, 2010

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The 4th of July: a day, as my friend posted on facebook, where we “celebrate imperialism and the murder of millions of people by consuming vast amounts of shitty beer and processed meats, then maybe start some fires and fuck up the environment even more.”

I actually kind of like that description, and yet, I do love my homeland, America. I love the freedom we have, the ability to do anything (within the law, of course) and go anywhere (sorry Cuba), and the vast land out country inhibits. But I do think the 4th of July has turned into some weird mixture of hot dogs and patriotism. Even this article here from Fortune magazine turns the 100 hundred things great about America into some kitschy list that side skips anything really great about America in favor for pop cultural aspects (though I did love #1 the internet; #17 Mark Twain; #31 Thanksgiving [something to hate about American too]; #39 Patagonia [the company]; # 41 Golden Gate Bridge; #55 Edward R. Murrow; #64 Willie Nelson; #84 religious freedom [finally, something really worth being thankful for]; & #99 Redwood trees.).

Anyway, despite me having a love/hate relationship with the 4th of July, we did have one awesome day: a day where we went from the north end of our coast to the south end, a day when no naps were taken, a day when we watched the best old-fashioned parade ever, a day when we did eat hot dogs, a day when we feel into bed exhausted and sunburned. I loved every minute of it. So as kitschy as our 4th was, I’m so thankful for all of it.

We started at the north end of our county in a town famous for its 4th of July parade:

It started out a little foggy, but the kids didn’t mind at all and Luke loved waving to all the passing floats:

The floats were so great:

(I LOVE it…an old time band called The Dentures…so GREAT)

(A bunch of older ladies dancing to The Dentures…seriously, when I become their age I hope I’m still dancing and celebrating!)

(The Yellow Submarine float…reminded me of being a kid. I have fond memories of John, my biological father, singing me this song all the time.)

(A whole entire family–hell, generations of family–in fatigues and dancing. FANTASTIC!)

Then we headed over to see the sandcastle contest. Here are our favorites:

(A Buddha…and so jolly looking)

(I love a well done, basic sand castle)

Then we headed home for a quick change of clothes, as the sun was shining and we were hot, to head to my sister’s house (traveling back down to a southern county beach), only to be met with fog. We were disappointed but we still went to the beach:

And then the sun broke through and the day became beautiful once again:

Once the fog cleared we got really excited about the fireworks show, knowing that we’d actually be able to see them. Alas, by 6:30 Luke was pretty much done, and I was exhausted too. We left and came home, leaving Maddie with my sister and her family who still had the energy to go see some fireworks.

I’m kind of sad that I missed the fireworks, but having Luke curled up next to me in bed is not such a bad way to end the evening either.


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