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memories July 6, 2010

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I tackled the closet today–the closet that is so full of junk and old dog food bags that I can’t believe I’ve been able to keep it closed all these months. After schlepping everything out, and throwing a bunch out, and putting even more aside to sell in an upcoming yard sale, I came to what I really needed: our storage bins.

Maybe it’s because my mom didn’t really save anything from me growing up (or my sister or brother for that matter), but I’m a saver. I save almost everything, especially if it has emotional value attached to it. So, Maddie has a bin of all her important milestones and bags with an assortment of work from each year of school, school photos, cards received from all occasions, doctor appointment check lists, baby cards, and even costumes from performances; Luke’s bin has all his stuff too, though it’s much smaller; and I have two bins: 1 for all the Christmas and birthday cards I receive, and the other for all my more personal cards, love letters, and the such.

After I had added everything from this year into Luke and Maddie’s bins, I decided to look in my more personal bin. I haven’t done this in years and years and years (and haven’t had much of anything to add to it in the past three years; well, actually, ever since the internet has become useful [see…as much as I love the internet, it has ruined so much, like love letters, personal notes, and the like]).

It was so nice to open these memories.

There was the note from my best friend Denise from when we were in college (1995) and lived together:

(I have no idea why I thought to save this note, but I’m so glad I did.)

A book I wrote and designed when I was in either 5th or 6th grade:

(Look: I was even a romantic then. I mean, I made a love story for bees!)

My old corsages from high school:

(I have to wonder: do high schoolers even wear corsages anymore?)

A letter from a boy I had the BIGGEST crush on when I was a freshman in high school:

(I love that he says he’s sorry he was a jerk on the phone because he had the worst day ever: he got yelled at during football practice. Shit, remember when life was that easy and dramatic?)

Finally, old love letters:

(About 6 years ago, I took a week and organized all the love letters I had, rolled them up depending on who they were from and then tied ribbon around them. I haven’t unrolled and read them since. Not even today.)

This was such a great way to end pulling out so much crap from the closet. It’s so nice to know, and have evidence, that I’ve been loved by friends and boyfriends. I’m glad that I save this stuff, and I hope Maddie and Luke will one day have fun looking at all their moments from life.

I’m thankful for my life moments. It’s been quite a ride, and I’m only 34. I really can’t wait to see what the next chapters of my life will bring (though, will this mean I may have to print off love emails, assuming, of course, that at some point in time I will get a love letter/email? Ugh…sometimes the internet really sucks.).


2 Responses to “memories”

  1. GEW Says:

    Wow! That’s so awesome! Now, I’m wishing I had saved more cards. I could just never figure out what to do with them. Instead, I have a bunch of other junk. We’re really trying to sort out what to save and what to keep. It’s so hard, esp. with all of the arts and crafts and school projects! Kids are so prolific!

    And I am very impressed by how many love letters you seem to have. And that’s so cool that you have them rolled with ribbons.

    Clearly your friends and relationships mean a lot to you. No wonder you have so many good friends!

  2. Denise Says:

    So funny that you are sentimental about that note??? Really, its about donuts? LOL…are you feeling ok?

    I miss living with you too! One of the best times of my life….top 3 for sure. (Excluding birth of children….of course)

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