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possible chicken disaster. July 7, 2010

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4a.m. and I’m awoken by something trying to eat my chickens. Could have been the great chicken massacre of 2010, but I got out there quick enough. Found one chicken and put it in the coop for safety. Found the other, put it in the coop, only to find the other one had disappeared (in 1 minute). Where the hell did the other chicken go? It was way to late to figure this out, so this morning I went a-looking.

I finally found the chicken hidden beneath Maddie’s play house. She’s hurt pretty badly–a huge gash on her back in between her wings. I picked her up and put her in the coop. She started eating immediately, so I hope that’s a good sign.

I’m thankful that I found the little girl, and I’m thankful she’s alive, though I’m nervous she may not make it. The bad and good news is that I’m leaving in an hour for a trip to Tahoe, so the man who is manning my house while I’m gone will have to check to see if she’s alive. For now, though, she seems okay and is looked up safely in her coop with her friend.

God, having chickens has become a bit of a nightmare! I’ve come to love them so much. I do hope she lives!!!!


One Response to “possible chicken disaster.”

  1. christine Says:

    are you referring to derek as the man? or is there someone else manning the house, plus derek? ….. :]

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