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disconnected. July 9, 2010

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There is no WiFi at the house we’re at. I have to, once again, trek into town and find a coffee shop to write my post (except for tonight, as my brother-in-law is here now and has a Verizon card).

This should not be a problem, right? I mean, I’m on vacation. I have people to talk to, beaches to sit on, books to read, and relaxing to partake in.

(Kids playing by the lake–very relaxing.)

(Gorgeous lake–very relaxing.)

(Taking kids to the private pool and playground–very relaxing.)

As you can see, all of our activities should be very relaxing! But, I’m dying…seriously. I feel so disconnected. I have no idea what’s going on in the world, and though we have a T.V., with all the kids running around and all our outside adventures, it seems impossible to sit down for a minute and watch CNN. And since I’m leaving my kids with my sister and aunt to write the blog, I feel guilty staying longer than needed to check out all my favorite blogs and news sites.

I should be thankful for this free time. A little over a decade ago and I would have been fine. I wouldn’t have even had a cell phone to keep me connected. But times have changed, and I know I’m not better for all the connectivity. I’m more dependant than ever on devices to help me get somewhere, social networks to keep me informed on the lives of my friends, and email to make me feel like someone actually cares and is sending me a note (Yay! Just checked earlier and my friend Matt is coming back into town next week….made me feel loved even if he’s here on business and not to see me. I just like getting mail.).

This vacation should be teaching me a lesson. It should make me want to return to a simpler time, a time when I attained my self-esteem from myself and human relationships rather than just a computer and wireless connectivity.

But the truth is, it’s not. At all. In fact, it’s just making me more and more anxious everyday. I cannot go on another vacation like this.

Thus, I’ve decided to give in and buy an iPhone as soon as I get home. I’ve resisted for so long now, but laying on the beach today watching all these people CONNECTING on their iPhones, listening to all their laughter over funny emails or status updates, taking photos and uploading them immedietly….well, I just got green with envy. And gave in.

Oh, Apple store and Steve Jobs and apps, I’m coming for you in under a week. . I wish I could say I feel sad, but the truth is, I’m thankful I’ve finally caved.


One Response to “disconnected.”

  1. GEW Says:

    Glad you’re having a great time! And I’ll be eager to hear what you think about the iPhone. I have sometimes wanted one so that I can find the closest Starbucks when I’m on vacation . . .

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