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a happy coincidence.. July 12, 2010

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The morning I left for Tahoe, I had my tires rotated and checked as well as my brakes. Yes, of course, I was doing this all last minute as usual. While I was explaining to the tire guy that I was leaving for Tahoe and I needed everything checked, a woman sitting down waiting for her tires to be done, stopped me to say that she too was leaving for Tahoe that day as well. We chatted for a while, knew some of the same people, and then she told me to take this really great little hike–perfect for kids–but she couldn’t remember the name of it, though she gave me a good description of what was there (a glass case under a stream to see trout, an old pioneer house preserved).

I asked around when we got here, but no one really knew what I was talking about (probably because everyone is a tourist as well). But today, I made my family drive to a hike Russ and I had taken years ago that I really loved: Echo Lake. Alas, we got totally lost and after driving around Emerald Bay and almost to South Lake, my Aunt got frustrated and turned into the Lake Tahoe Visitor Center.

We realized there were plenty of hikes here, so we parked and got out of the car. Amazingly we were 5 minutes early for a short (45 minute) guided tour for kids!

We entered the hike called Rainbow Trail:

The ranger led us on the hike and I honestly learned so much. To be honest, I’ve never gone on a ranger-led hike before, but now I might look into more of them where I live. It was really cool.

Then we came to a point of the hike when we went underground and guess what was there…trout fish! And when we came up…an old preserved pioneer house! We we’re at the place that lady had told me about in the tire store! Oh I’m thankful for this happy coincidence, which led to even more awesome places around this area.

It was a great hike and the kids had fun. I also realized that Aspen trees are my favorite:

After the hike, we took another short trail to a beautiful beach where the kids had so much fun! This is the view from the water, looking off shore:

Finding a floating log in shallow water is the BEST thing for kids to play with:

And then finally, I had to stop at Emerald Bay and get some pictures. It’s just too beautiful not to.

And there’s this place called Vikingsholm,which is a mansion on the shore of Emerald Bay, built from 1928-1929 by Mrs. Lora Josephine Knight–some serious big-shot San Francisco rich lady–as a summer home. A summer home! I so want to go tour this house but there’s only two ways to get to it: boat in or hike a mile down and then back up. Neither were options with Luke on my back. I will go one day though.

I did take a picture of this tiny island off the shore of Emerald Bay called Fannette Island because this is where Mrs. Knight decided to build her tea house. That’s right! She would live in here summer home and then boat on over to Fannette Island for tea. Come one! Are you kidding me? This has Great Gatsby written all over it! (Can you tell I’m just super jealous?)

Oh…just another fun day in Tahoe! Loving my life right now!


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