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shakespeare July 13, 2010

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I can’t figure out if anything gets better than being in Tahoe while the Shakespeare festival is going on. I’m going tonight to see their showing of The Complete (Abridged) Shakespeare. I’m curious how they’re going to fit all 37 of his plays into one performance.

It’s our last night here in Tahoe, so there’s nothing I’d rather do than spend some time with my favorite bard.

And I already know the venue is spectacular because we took the kids there for a free showing of The Tempest this morning.  I have to admit I was a little disappointed in this production. They shortened it down to about 1 hour long, and I’ve even read the play at least 3 times, and I was still confused as to what was happening, let alone  how the kids must have been understanding. And it was scorching hot, sitting in the sun for an hour. After about a half an hour, the little kids were bored and started milling around, but both Braden and Maddie stuck out the entire show. Braden said he liked the swords, and when Maddie said, “Mom, I liked it when you took me to see A Midsummer Night’s Dream better,” I swooned.

I’m thankful for Tahoe. I’m thankful for Shakespeare. And I’m thankful for a night of Shakespeare in Tahoe!


O.K. so just a short update. Never made it to the evening Shakespeare festival. Instead, received an invitation from Russ to a BBQ at his brother’s house where all his family would be, plus a couple of friends also visiting that I haven’t seen in awhile. It wasn’t even a tough decision…I went to the BBQ.

And had a great time.

It was so, so, so nice to see Russ’s family, many of whom I haven’t seen in 13-14 years.

(an old friend, Skip; Russ’s brother, Randy; and Russ. We have too many memories to have even tried to reminisce about. So good to see them).

(Me and Cyndi [Randy’s wife of almost 14 years]. I usually don’t put in full pics of me, but it’s the only one I took, so oh well. I was at their wedding. I love this woman!)

(When Randy and Cyndi got married, I cross-stitched this welcome sign for them. It made me so happy to know that it still hangs in their house.

So, although I was originally thankful for Shakespeare, in retrospect, I’m much more thankful I went to the BBQ. I only wish I had taken more pictures.


3 Responses to “shakespeare”

  1. GEW Says:

    I once saw the Complete Works of Shakespeare (Abridged), and it was absolutely hiLARious! I hope yours was good, too!

  2. hydroman Says:

    It was so nice to see you too!!! My family loves you so much… I cant wait to see you again..

  3. Denise Says:

    What great pictures! And your right Cyndi looks amazing, just as beautiful as I remember her. Was that 14 years ago??? Cyndi met me when I was a child and I remember many nights with her…..she was so cool.

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